About Me

Amanda Tinker - Medical HerbalistAs a fully qualified medical herbalist, I am a trained in the application of medicinal herbs and holistic medicine. I practice in Stoke Newington in North East London.

By harnessing the power of medicinal herbs, I aim to assist not only the issues around the presenting complaint, but to support the whole person. This holistic approach tends to both the body and the mind, allowing anyone to gain the maximum benefit from herbal medicine.

Qualifications and background

I trained at the School of Integrated Health, in the University of Westminster, where I qualified as a medical herbalist in July 2009 with first class honours BSc in Health Sciences: Herbal Medicine. I was also awarded the 2009 Nutri Centre CAM Award for Academic Achievement.

My training to become a fully qualified herbalist involved not only developing an expertise in medicinal herbs and plant preparations, but instruction in health sciences such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, pathology and clinical skills.

I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the UK’s leading professional body, which has been representing herbal practitioners since 1864. I also support Garden Organic and am a member of the Herb Society.