What Is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is a practice as old as mankind itself and one which remains eminently useful today. In fact, the World Health Organisation estimates that around 80% of the population in some Asian and African countries still rely on medicinal plants as their main source of medicine.

Harnessing the properties of plants, herbal medicine is able to support both the mind and the body.

How does herbal medicine work?

Herbal medicine is a complementary healthcare system which uses appropriate combinations of medicinal plant preparations to meet each person’s particular needs. No two herbal medicine prescriptions are the same.

What can herbal medicine assist with?

Any herbal medicine that is prepared is honed to the person rather than the just the issues they present with, supporting clients in the management of a myriad of complaints. Please contact me to discuss what you may be seeking help with.

Please note that herbal medicine is complementary to orthodox medicine, I do not proclaim it to be an alternative. I am happy to contact your primary healthcare professional to dicuss with them any herbal plan you and I have discussed at your first appointment. I welcome their feedback and input to your healthcare.

My training as a Medical Herbalist

As a medical herbalist I am qualified in the application of herbal medicines and can use my knowledge to design a programme which is as unique as you are.

I am trained within the western medical paradigm. This means that, in addition to herbal medicine expertise, I have skills in clinical examination, pathology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and have completed over five hundred hours of supervised clinical experience observing and supporting patients within a dedicated training clinic.

If you would like to book an appointment or discuss how herbal medicine might benefit you, please contact me. You can also learn more about my background as a medical herbalist.