Herbal Preparations: Appointment & Fees

In order to create bespoke herbal remedies, which suit you and your needs, I will always begin by gaining an understanding of your lifestyle and medical history. This helps me to deal with not just your presenting complaint, but your body and your mind. 

Below is an overview of the herbal appointment process, together with a fees summary. If you have any questions or want to know more about the benefits of herbal medicine, please feel free to contact me.

Initial appointment

The first step in the herbal medicine process is the initial appointment. This will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, during which time I will take a detailed medical history including the reason you have come to see me.  I will record details of any medication you are taking, your family history, past medical history, diet and lifestyle. Your pulse and blood pressure will also be taken and, where appropriate, a physical examination may be performed.

We will then discuss any diet or lifestyle changes that may facilitate your restoration to health, as well as the likely length of our relationship, expected outcomes and the range of herbal medicines I would like to recommend.

Follow up appointment

The follow up appoinment is likely to be 3 to 4 weeks after your initial meeting and will last for roughly 40 minutes.  This is an opportunity to assess the progress of your herbal programme. There may be times when I might want to see you sooner, particularly if you have been suffering from an acute problem. This will be discussed and agreed at your initial appointment.


Initial Appointment: £60
Follow up: £45

Repeat Prescription Dispensing Fee: £15 

Cancellation policy: Please give 24hrs notice if you need to cancel an appointment, otherwise 50% of the fee will be payable

Herbal preparation costs:

Tinctures (contain alcohol) @ £8.50 per 100ml
Glycerites @ approx £9.50 per 100ml
Teas/decoctions @ £9.00 per 100g
Syrups @ £9.00 per 100ml
Whole plant juices @ £8.00 per bottle
  Echinacea £9.50 per bottle
Aromatic waters @ £9.00 per 100ml glass bottle
  @ £7.50 per 50ml incl. spray dispenser
Powders @ approx £5.50 per 50g
Capsules & Tablets @ 10p each
  @ 28p each Mediherb™
Creams @ £11.00 per 60g pot
Infused oils @

£7.50 per 50ml

Where possible I use organic and ethically sourced herbs and herbal products.

For more information on herbal medicine, please feel free to call me on 020 7502 1835 or email me.